Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've found an iPod lead. My housemate had one in his pocket. I don't like to throw accusations round willy nilly, so I wont. I'll just say it was a huge coincidence. I've now updated and recharged my iPod. One less thing to worry about. I'll sleep tonight.

Except I wont. I'm going through another phase of insomnia which is starting to drag me down. I think it's been a week or so since I slept properly at night. Typically I get to sleep at about half six and sleep in till about midday. It's not good for my mental state or any sort of productivity. Job hunting is out of the window. As is writing. I just waste my days editing Pro Evo on my PS2 or dicking about on the internet. Which is fun (actually, largely it isn't, but let's pretend it is for my sake) but doesn't get me anywhere. At all.

I looked up insomnia on the internet, maybe to find some sort of old remedy, and #i found a list of famous insomniacs. It made for sobering reading. Napoleon, Maggie Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Macbeth. There were others such as Groucho Marx (who to keep him amused when awake would phone strangers and insult them. An idea I liked so much I aped it. But with people I know) and Carey Grant, but let's ignore them for a bit. But Christ, look at those names. Murderers, despots, dictators. I'm keeping fine company.

Hitler didn't sleep much either. I know this as I read about it once. He used to stay up for hundreds of hours on end getting spazzed off his tits on speed so he didn't miss any war updates or whatever. I tried to make 100 hours without sleep once, but sacked it off after 56 hours or so. I started hearing and seeing things and thought the exercise was of limited use.

We should thank our lucky stars Adolf didn't sack it off after 56 hours. You've got an uptight, paranoid, speed-freak in charge of the German war machine, well it's going to go tits up isn't it? And it's no wonder he shot himself. After six years of eating speed constantly, imagine the comedown. There was no other possible outcome.

But look at me. I'm ranting incoherently about a subject I know nothing about. This is what lack of sleep does to me. Maybe some hot milk will sort me out? Failing that I've got a bottle of gin stashed somewhere. That'll do the trick.


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