Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Someone keeps stealing my iPod usb lead and I'm getting pretty angry about it. It's not the first time it has gone missing. Mine disappeared ages ago, and now my girlfriend's lead has gone too. It's infuriating. I just downloaded loads of music, thereby sticking a dagger into the heart of capitalism (or something) and saving me loads of money, and I can't even listen to it on the go. I have to gaffer tape my laptop to my chest and use it as a massive Walkman. Which is no good at all. Especially since my laptop is essentially a typewriter hooked up to an etch-a-sketch. The battery life is laughable. I get half way through the opening bars of 'I Walk The Line' and it shuts down.

If anyone has my iPod lead, will they return it to me safely. There's no reward, but by returning it we will avoid a Mel Gibson 'Ransom' type situation.


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